Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Toddler, thy name is Daredevil!

Wendy is constantly hurting herself. Crashing into the coffee table, tripping over air, falling into a wall for no good reason. On top of the normal toddler accidents, she also loves to challenge herself physically. For instance, she started climbing stairs at 8 months. At 10 months she was walking, and two weeks later she was running. Yesterday she managed to get her pudgy little knee over the edge of the coffee table and hoist herself up to reach the remote. (She's got a thing for remotes.)

Usually her adventures make me either smile or sigh, but not react with panic. However, while we were at the store yesterday, she pulled out something new. I think she'd been planning it for awhile and was waiting until I was sufficiently distracted. We were at Target, at the checkout. Wendy was strapped into the shopping cart, and I was talking with the cashier and digging my debit card out of the diaper bag. (Diaper bags are like purses, only bigger -whatever you want goes straight to the bottom.) I find the card, swipe, enter pin, all the while talking with the cashier. I glance over as I'm about to put the card back in the bag to see... my little Wendy STANDING in the seat of the shopping cart, with the belt still snugly attached at her waist.

I said, "What do you think you're doing?" and grabbed her, and she just calmly looked at me out of her innocent baby blues...

Mama is always over-reacting.

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