Saturday, October 20, 2007

5 for Friday

Good morning - if it can be a good morning when you're awake at 3:30 a.m. I don't know what the problem is, but I just can't sleep, so I'm going to take Bing Crosby's advice and "count my blessings instead of sheep." I didn't get my 5 done yesterday since I was finishing the posting of our trip, so I'll take care of that now!

My five for this week:
1. Disposable diapers and baby wipes. That's pretty simple, but can you imagine what it was like trying to travel with baby before these lifesavers? Dealing with the mess and the smell at home would be bad enough, but trying to keep up with it all while on vacation would be awful.

2. Rotisserie chickens at the grocery store. Love them. Every time I get one I'm pleased with how good it tastes and how far it can stretch. We make at least three meals out of one little chicken, so it's pretty inexpensive, too.

3. Readily-available severe storm information. We had a doozy of a thunderstorm the other night, and I was getting pretty concerned about whether or not we should head to our "Harry Potter" closet (you know - under the stairs). I was able to turn on the TV in the middle of the night and have weather people reassuring me that yes, it was a bad storm, but we'd be OK.

4. Gas fireplaces. Our house is very poorly in, not at all insulated with leaky windows. Last fall and winter the gas fireplace was a fantastic way to take the chill out of the air, especially in the early morning. We've only fired it up once so far this fall, but I have a feeling we'll be using it this morning.

5. Cats. Even though they annoy me on an almost-daily basis, I love my kitties. There's just not much better snuggle-buddy for a nap or a read. They're up for a cuddle anytime, and they think napping is a great idea. This was a problem in vet school when I would be up at the wee hours studying and they'd curl up next to me, purring warmly...and then I'd wake up, not having finished my studying! I don't have very many exams nowadays, though, so it's fine!

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