Monday, December 17, 2007


Anyone who knows my girlie knows that she is a very easy-going, sweet-tempered, silly girl. Therefore, her behavior of the past several days is distressing. I thought maybe the "Terrible Twos" were coming at 15 months. During her waking hours (of which there were WAY too many) she was demanding and loud, throwing purple-in-the-face tantrums at every obstacle to her whims. For the first time in many months, I was ready to find the "Return to Sender" stamp, mark her on the forehead, and stuff her in the mailbox.

I'm kidding. I would never really do this. Because she wouldn't fit in the mailbox.

So last night during a screaming fit I noticed something in her mouth...something that wasn't there before. So naturally I poked my finger in her mouth and found - molars! The poor sweetie cut her first two upper molars! I wasn't expecting it, and was attributing her bad behavior to, umm, brattiness. But no! Two molars have cut. And now that they're down, my baby has mostly returned to her normal sweetness. I'm so glad!!

My friend Tiffany has started a "Monday Madness" theme in which she lists 5 things to get done that week. I think I'll join in, because I'm forever making lists and not accomplishing my tasks. Maybe putting them out in the blogosphere will make me more accountable to myself. Here goes for this week:

1. Put up the Christmas tree. I know, I know, we're way behind. I intended to put it up last week, and then there was the plumbing fiasco, and here we are, just a few days from Christmas, with not a decoration in sight. Unless you count two rolls of wrapping paper sitting on top of the piano as decoration.

2. Wrap presents. This is probably my least-favorite task of the holiday season. I enjoy the planning, shopping, baking, decorating, but I do NOT like wrapping. But as soon as I can see the dining room table again, I plan to start wrapping. Which leads to #3...

3. Find dining room table. I have not been the housekeeper I should be for the past...umm...we've been married 9 years. In our current house, we have a dining room between the kitchen and living room. We have a nice dining table with nice chairs. And currently said dining table and chairs are loaded down with piles of junk. The junk mail that didn't make it to the trash. The half-finished craft project. The pet supplies that I was sifting through the other day. Coupons. Receipts. You get the idea. If I find the table, we'll move on to #4

4. Start having meals at the table instead of in the living room. Wendy needs to learn to eat at the table instead of sitting in our laps. And also, when we sit in the living room to eat, it's way to easy to turn on the TV and zone out, instead of interacting with each other.

5. Get ready for our trip to Florida next week. We're leaving the day after Christmas to go visit the Allen/Martin clan in Tallahassee. We need to leave as early in the morning as possible, since it's such a long drive. Therefore, I need to be prepared in advance!

Wish me luck in accomplishing my tasks!


Tiffany said...

I'm with you on the wrapping presents. I have to get it done!

Jen said...

Yeah Jeni! This is the very first time I've ever been able to view your blog. Most of the time it wouldn't let me. So I thought I would take the oppertunity to leave a comment. How terrible to cut two molars at once... poor girl. I can't imagine the pain. I love the dining room table point. Ours is always crowed with junk mail, ext. and needing to be cleaned. We have often found ourselves crowded around the living room coffee table eating dinner together. But now that the boys are feeding themselves from the highchair we are resolved to eat more often at the dining room table.
I thought I would let you know to that Tina has posted cute pics of little Whitney, it's the blog just below her current one. I had a hard time finding it until I stumbled across different pics.
Have a great evening. Oh and by the way the Christmas card was cute!

Gina said...

Thank you for stopping by, and for leaving a message. It is nice to meet you!

Your little girl is absolutely adorable!!!