Monday, January 7, 2008

Planning my week...

This coming weekend, we're hosting a reunion of college friends - my roommate Yavonda, her husband Matt, and our suitemate Tassie, her husband Kevin, and their 6 year old daughter, Jael. This doesn't sound like a lot of people, right? I mean, it's just five folks, and they're only going to be here for two nights.

While I would consider these five people to be among my few favorite people on the planet, adding five to an already full tiny house is a challenge. A challenge that means the 3 Smiths will be sleeping in Wendy's room, the 2 Chases will be sleeping in the living room, and Wendy will be in our room. I'm not even sure that Wendy's Pack & Play will fit in our room. (Have I mentioned our house is tiny?)

(And have I mentioned that the only bathroom in the house is off the master bedroom? As in, guests have to walk through our bedroom to go potty in the middle of the night.)

Anyway, as a result of having guests next weekend, I'm going to be very busy this week, so a little planning is in order!

The recipes with links come from The Pioneer Woman Cooks, a site I heartily recommend. And if you enjoy photography, horses, or country living, check out her blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. (And yes, we go over to my parents' house a lot. They like to see Wendy several times a week.)

This week's menu:

Monday: Chicken & rice

Tuesday: Dinner @ Mom & Dad's

Wednesday: Chicken pot pie

Thursday: Dinner @ Mom & Dad's

Friday: Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, steamed broccoli, mocha fudge marble cake, chocolate ice cream

Saturday: Lasagna, salad, garlic bread, Apple Pie, vanilla ice cream

Sunday: Leftovers!

My list for this week is going to be somewhat extensive, due to the impending company. Here goes:

1. Clean kitchen. I mean really clean the kitchen. I know for a fact that my kitchen hasn't been sparkling clean since before Thanksgiving - about time I get to it, eh?

2. Laundry. Clean, fold, & put away all laundry that has been lurking in various baskets and piles. Put away Wendy's outgrown clothes. Put away all give-away clothes.

3. De-fur the house. Vacuum all upholstery, spot clean upholstery, vacuum baseboards & hidden spots. Pause to be thankful that none of my guests are allergic to cats.

4. Figure out better toy storage. Wendy's toy basket was overflowing before Christmas. Now I think it might be taking over the living room. As I type, her basket is piled high, and still on the floor there are her unicorn, her push & spin toy, a baby doll, some puzzles, her princess ball, her See 'n Say, and lots of books. And that's just scratching the surface. (And I must mention - we didn't get her anything for Christmas, and Santa only brought her one toy and snacks for her stocking. The rest of the stuff is from grandparents, primarily from Grammy in FL.)

5. Get mattress pad washed. Someone - you decide who - committed a urinary indiscretion on our bed a few weeks ago. The mattress pad has since been waiting for a trip through one of those super-capacity washers at the laundromat. I just haven't been brave enough to entertain Wendy while sitting in a laundromat waiting on my laundry. But it's GOT to be done.

6. Try to cling to the shreds of my sanity.

Have a great week!

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love your list - I think everyone de-furs their house when company comes!

Did you make PW's lasagna yet? I did and can't decide if I am in love with it....I LIKED IT but it was a lot and kind of heavier than I am used to. Everything else I've made from her is wonderful - this may be to, the jury is still out!

Btw, thanks for making me reevaluate the rules for my contest today! I think that since The Wedding Singer is such a good movie, that your entry should count. Plus, I get to make all rules so who's going to get mad?

I have contest with gift card prizes a lot (not quite like Ree's but who can do that?) so come back often!