Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Wendy was tagged!

My girlie was tagged by our friend, Todd, to write 8 things about herself. I'll do the translating and typing.

1. My name is Wendy, and I'm 15 months old.

2. I like bread. And cookies. And fruit snacks. And crackers. And milk. And everything else.

3. I'm a tall girl - 90th %ile for height, and only 49th for weight. My mommy says I get the tall, skinny shape from Daddy.

4. I cut my first two molars last week, and the next two are trying to cut, so my mouth hurts.

5. I can say lots of things (Hi, Bye, Dada, Pretty, Thank You, You're Welcome, Kitty, Doggie, See Ya, Love You) but have yet to say "Mama." I'm making Mama wait.

6. I love to climb anything and everything. Sometimes it gets me in trouble.

7. I love my pink and fuzzy blankie. It goes almost everywhere with me, and I can't sleep without it.

8. I act shy around new people, but after I warm up, I'll play with just about anyone. (Unless you're a man with a beard, and then I don't trust you.)

Wendy will tag Chase, Caden, Ben, and Colin!

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