Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WFMW: Shutterfly

Today, over at Rocks in my Dryer, Shannon is hosting her weekly carnival of great household tips, Works for Me Wednesday. Usually more than 200 people participate, so you're bound to learn something useful!

My tip for today is for those of us who love to take pictures but never get them off the memory card or the computer. I recently discovered Shutterfly, and I love it! You just upload your photos, request the prints that you want, and they'll be sent to you in the mail! You don't have to go to any store and fight your way to the photo counter - and we've all done that at Wal-Mart, haven't we?

I have a few favorite features at Shutterfly:

1. I can upload prints and have them sent directly to out-of-town family. This way, they can get a little packet of pictures whenever I order prints, rather than waiting until I get around to mailing them myself!

2. We used Shutterfly for our Christmas picture cards this year, and I was very happy with how they turned out! The online program was really easy to use, too!

3. I haven't done this yet, but you can make a photo book from your pictures for any occasion. I'm planning to do one for Wendy's first year.

4. They're always running specials. Right now, my special offers are for up to 25% off an entire order, or 20% off of photo gifts.

I've tried Snapfish as well, and it offers many of the same services as Shutterfly. For me, Shutterfly has just been a bit easier to use. That's what works for me!


Anonymous said...

i love shutterfly

pinkmommy said...

I love shutterfly! The quality of their prints are better than anywhere else I have tried, I think.

Missy said...

Thanks for the tip. I've used Snapfish just once and it worked good but I think I'll give Shutterfly a try. I have about 200 pictures I need to get printed before I accidentally delete them!

Nichole said...

I used Photoworks to print a digital scrapbook. They did a great job!

Amy said...

I love Shutterfly, too.

Recently I was also able to get buy an activation code at Target for some of their products on clearance. you might check! :)

Fresh Girl said...

Shutterfly is great! I get my calendars from them, too -- I love that I can have dates I need to remember, like birthdays and such, printed right on the calendar, so I don't have to write them in. They make great Christmas presents, too! :)

LESTER said...

Hey I use Shutterfly too. Actually I made my mom a photo book this year for Christmas from our New York trip. It turned out really good. Last Christmas I made calendars and they came out great too. Their site is really neat and helpful.

Tooz said...

My SIL used shutterfly to make up a book about our granddaughter. Both of the grandparent families got one, and it has been a terrific thing to show off. Great company, and thanks for reminding me.