Monday, February 4, 2008

It failed before we even started...

I wrote a week and a half ago about my need for a routine and organization to help me accomplish what I need to and keep us on track. Well, that day was the last day we had before we all got sick. It wasn't the flu, but a cold severe enough to almost be like the flu. Wendy was hit the worst, I think; it's pitiful to hear a toddler laugh weakly and then go into a five-minute, red-faced coughing/gagging fit. Poor baby.

Today is the first day we've all been well. And so, today I deal with the aftermath...the toys that didn't get picked up, the tissues and half-drunk tea, the sweaters and afghans that were pulled on and then pulled off of feverish bodies. And the kitchen...sigh. Sometimes I despair of ever having a truly clean kitchen.

In the midst of this, Wendy has apparently outgrown her morning nap. She's only taken afternoon naps for the past three days, and even those haven't been very long. This makes me very sad. I'm not ready for her to be done with her morning nap!! I really look forward to those couple of hours of peace & quiet...I guess I'll learn to manage, as all mothers have since the beginning of time!

I guess my whole point in sitting down to write today was to give an update. Not only have we not tried out the new schedule due to illness, but the schedule will have to be revamped, if Wendy is really going to give up her morning nap. Sigh. As soon as I get the house/laundry under control, I'll work out a new schedule, and we'll give it a go.


Sandi said...

Sorry, Jeni -- Chase has been showing some signs of giving up his morning nap, too, and I, too am not happy about it!

Here's to a new beginning and a new schedule!! You can do it!

Susan said...

She's given up her nap, but that doesn't mean she can't have a (even short) "quiet time"...I know it's hard to get a toddler to sit for even half a nano second, but as she gets a bit older, she'll figure it out. Our kids had short quiet times (okay...Mommy quiet times!) where they could sit at the table and color, have their cassette player going with some favorite music, "read" their books, etc. Just like mommy!

Got your post about the gifts...I finally figured out, Jeni, that my love language being gifts wasn't because I was selfish or greedy. Gifts come in all sizes and packaging and carnation means as much to me (if not more) than a dozen roses. I think the most important part was not only recognizing (and then accepting my love language(s), but recognizing and accepting my husband's love language and then acting upon it. We could not be further apart in this. My #1 is gifts...his #5 is gifts. His #1 is touch, my #5 is touch. lol.

CrownLaidDown said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you've been sick. I'm glad you're better now, Jeni!

Praying for the routine to fall in line soon.
much love in Him,

Fresh Girl said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Hope everyone is back to 100% very soon. :)

And let me echo what Susan said above... instituting "room time" or as she called it "quiet time" could save your sanity and allow Wendy to develop that all important skill...the ability to amuse herself alone. ;)