Friday, March 14, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

Yesterday was a beautiful day here. It was sunny, and the temperature hovered in the low to mid 70s most of the day. Birds were busy collecting nesting materials and getting in spats with each other. The calves and kids were playing in the fields we drove by. Because the weather was so nice, Wendy and I puttered around the house for just a little while, and then went to Grandma's house to play outside.

We had lots of fun playing ball, collecting sticks, running around, and taking a walk (Wendy rode in her wagon).

The highlight of our day, though, came in the evening. Grandpa had come home from school and was working in the backyard. He came in and said, "Does Wendy like horses? There are a couple of horseback riders coming down the street." (The picture isn't of the horse we saw - I didn't have my camera at the time. Just pretend.)

I got all excited and scooped Wendy up, and out the front door we went. We stood at the front porch, and Wendy was babbling and pointing at the horses, being ridden by a nice man and woman. The man yelled up to the house, "Hi! Does she want to see the horses?"

I said, "Sure!" and we headed down the yard to the street. As we approached, the man dismounted and brought his horse over to us, and introduced him (the horse) as Alex. Wendy's eyes were just lit up with joy - she couldn't get enough! She even petted Alex on the head and grinned. We thanked the nice man (I never got his name) and went back up to the house, and the riders went on their way.

Wendy was trying to say "horsie" and it came out "hor," but I knew what she meant. She kept pointing torward the street, saying "Hor! Hor!"

Several hours later, her Daddy came to Grandma's house, too, and we were telling him about the horses. As soon as Wendy heard us say "horse," her eyes got huge and she ran for the front door, pointing and saying, "Unh??" She wouldn't calm down until Daddy took her outside to show her the horses had gone bye-bye.

And so, Nice Man and his Wife, I'm sorry I didn't get your names, but thank you so much for taking the time to share your horsies with us. You made my girlie's day!

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Fresh Girl said...

Aww, I'm glad Wendy got to pet the horse!