Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I've taken on a few projects lately. Since I discussed them here, I thought I'd give y'all an update on how things are going.

1. Cloth diapers - so far we're doing okay. We've had some leaking issues at night, so we're trying different strategies to cope with that. We started out with some prefolds & covers, one Happy Heiny's One-Size Pocket Diaper, and two BumGenius v3.0 One-Size Pocket Diapers. The prefolds & covers are the most absorbent, but very VERY bulky - it's hard to get the munchkin's pants on over those. The Happy Heiny seems very comfortable, and it's a bit trimmer and cute - it's a cow print. The BumGenius are my favorite - easy to use, and almost as trim as a disposable. We're using a dry pail system, and so far everything has washed up pretty well.

2. Homemade laundry detergent - I'm not impressed. It was pretty easy to make, but I'm not convinced the clothes are getting clean enough. I'm kinda picky about the cleanliness of my clothes, and this just doesn't seem to cut it. Since I have a bunch left, I'm using it as a laundry booster for Wendy's cloth diapers.

3. Binky weaning - we started by clipping the tips back just a smidge. When that didn't make an impression, I clipped them WAY back, mostly removing the bulb. Wendy didn't like that - it was way too hard to hang on to. I decided to try her without it for her nap yesterday, and it was no problem. I also put her down without a Binky at bedtime; she went to sleep easily, but did wake and fuss a couple of times in the night. Overall, I think we're past the worst of it. I think clipping the tips helped her start to get over her addiction, so that taking it away yesterday was much less traumatic.

That's all I can think of for an update from here. We're anxious for spring, as I'm sure everyone is. The next major project is spring cleaning and getting ready for our yard sale. Wish me luck!

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