Wednesday, March 12, 2008

WFMW: Organizing Closet

This time of year, with spring almost here, I go through our closets. There are usually a few things to put in the Goodwil/yard sale pile, a few things to put in storage until fall, and a few things to bring from storage into the closet for warmer weather.

This was a simple time before I had a daughter. If you read my post from yesterday, you know that my daughter has way too many clothes. I'll say it again: Way. Too. Many. Clothes.

In the past, some clothes have been outgrown before they were worn even once. This made me sad, and made our budget sad as well. Part of the problem, as you can see in the picture, is that her clothes are all mixed up and disorganized. That made it very easy for clothes to get lost in the mix.

Yesterday, as I was doing organizing her closet, I sorted the clothes by type: dresses, skirts, sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve blouses. The short-sleeve T-shirts I moved to a drawer. I don't have an "after" picture, but trust me, it's much better! Now I can see it all and choose judiciously.

I know some organizing gurus suggest sorting a closet by color, but for Wendy's closet, sorting by type of clothing works for me! Head over to Rocks in my Dryer for more helpful tips!


tonsofsons said...

Great tip!

Joyfully In Him,
Tons of Sons

Heart of Wisdom said...

Can you come and do all my closets
Looks GREAT!


Mama Mia said...

That's how I do my kid's clothes too. It's great because during the spring when it's still cold and warm it makes it easier to find stuff. I'm ready for May when I can put all the warm clothes away- the in between months drive me crazy :).

SAHMmy Says said...

I organize by style as well. To help make sure my daughter wears all her cute outfits before outgrowing them I "file" them to the right as she wears them and they're laundered and rehung. Outfits and dresses that haven't been worn recently can always be found on the left.

Katrina said...

I agree that it's more helpful to organize kids' clothes by function rather than color. However, with my 1-year-old, I have to admit that I just shove things in his dresser drawers... Sigh... And then I wonder why I can't find his cute khaki pants!