Monday, April 21, 2008

Happiness Is...

I decided to put together a few pictures of things that really make me happy. You might enjoy some of the same things, or you might think I'm a weirdo. Time will tell.

It has been a bright, sunshiny day today. I did as I always do on days like this and washed everything I could find to hang outside on the line. You might be able to see Wendy's bunny slippers hanging out among the cloth diapers and blankets:

I love looking at the clothes on the line, snapping in the breeze, and smelling the warm Tide scent the clothes give off as they dry. I think this is especially cute hanging out on the line:

Look! A cloud! It was the only one in sight.

My pretty flowers also make me happy. I didn't blog much last week because I was outside waking up the flowerbed. This is one of the impatiens that are in my hanging baskets on the front porch:

My climbing roses - Don Juans, with a wonderful scent - are about to burst into bloom! The little lightning bolts highlight the buds:

And of course this makes me happy! My pretty Wendy, all ready for a nap, and showing off her new pretty cloth diaper!

I realized I hadn't shown kitten pictures lately - they're 3 weeks old today. I'll try to get some good pictures up soon.

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Nichole said...

What a beautiful day! I love the bunny slippers on the clothesline :)