Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bella: Before & After

My dog, Miss Clarabella Boo-Boo, aka Bella, has strange fur. She's kind of a Yorkie/Silkie Terrier mix, and weighs about 5 pounds. Her fur is wiry, stringy, scraggly, and grows unevenly. In patches on her rump, it's very thick and the texture is similar to a Troll Doll's hair. I used to get her professionally groomed back when I had, you know, an income, but that's just not in the budget now.

And so, periodically, when she starts to look like this, I get out the clippers & scissors & do my best. Here's before:

And after:

Look! There was a dog under there!!

It's not nearly as good as when I'd take her to Michelle in Missouri (Michelle was very good) but it's a whole lot cheaper - doing it myself saves about $35 every two months. That's worth it, I think.


Nichole said...

Hey, you made a chihuahua!

Heather said...

I hope Bella BooBoo is feeling much cooler now. That certainly was a lot of hair!

Jeni said...

She's definitely cooler - a little TOO cool. She's having to wear a little T-shirt in the air conditioning now!