Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Observations at Sam's Club

Wendy and I took a little trip to Sam's Club today, to stock up on exciting items like laundry detergent and Cheerios. While there, I did some people watching, and wanted to share two observations.

1. I had to keep myself from laughing out loud as I saw the contents of a cart in front of mine in the checkout line. An older woman had a cart overloaded with things like Oatmeal Cream Pies, Moon Pies, Snickers, Kit-Kats, popcorn, Doritos, Twizzler, and similar items. In the child seat at the front of her cart she had a jumbo-sized package of HydroxyCut. Best of luck, ma'am, best of luck. (I know the treats are probably for a camp or carnival or some such thing.)

2. As we were leaving the store, I noticed a man coming of out Sam's and getting on his motorcycle. Motorcycle? At Sam's? What are you going to buy at Sam's that you can take home with you on a motorcycle?

And finally, a confession. Please don't call the authorities and have Wendy taken away; I feel terrible about this - but since I have a blog, I have to write about it. Sam's Club is about 40 minutes away from our house. When I was about halfway home, I called James to coordinate lunch times, so we could all have lunch together. I hung up, dropped the cell phone back in my purse, and looked in the Wendy-view mirror to see Wendy leaning forward in her car seat. Like, WAY forward. Like, not-buckled-in forward. I pulled over ASAP and kissed her and apologized, and fastened her harness.

Sigh. As my mind was racing, I realized I plopped her in her seat and then put my purse & receipt in the front seat, as I usually do. I reached over to start the car so the AC could start cooling off the van, and I guess the blast of hot air short-circuited something in my brain, because I then went to the cart & started unloading, never remembering that my child was perched precariously in her car seat.



Nichole said...

We've had to train Piper to say, "Stop! Stop! I'm not buckled!" Not that we've ever forgotten, of course ...

pinkmommy said...

Don't feel bad. It has happened to me before. But now the Princess can buckle herself in (thank goodness) and she goes crazy if you even put the car in reverse before she is fully buckled in.