Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Never-Ending Quest

I don't do nearly as much shopping these days as I did back in my pre-Wendy, two-income days. I do spend a lot of time thinking and considering and looking for certain things. Sometimes it's the right pair of shoes. Sometimes it's a versatile skirt. Sometimes it's a pair of everyday earrings. And sometimes, like recently, it's a bag.

We've graduated from the point where I need to lug the gigantic diaper bag around everywhere we go, but we do still need to take a few things with us. On most of our outings, Wendy needs a sippy cup, a couple of diapers, and a small bag of Goldfish - not enough for a diaper bag but too much for a purse.

The perfect bag for me would be between the size of a purse and a typical diaper bag. It would be casual and neutral, so that I can use it 99.9% of the time without worrying about it matching. It should definitely have a zipper top, and a couple of extra pockets would come in handy. It must be under $25, because my eyebrow does weird twitchy things when I spend more than that on a bag.

Target is my store of choice for oh-so-many things, and this was no exception. I perused the clearance rack and found several almost-right options. Then I found this bag.
It's not perfect; it's a bit slouchy and blah for my usual taste, but everything else about it is good: price, size, zipper top, two big outside pockets & one little outside zippy for my phone. And it was $16.99, so no strange eyebrow twitchiness resulted from the purchase.

I'm not wholly committed to this bag; I'll use it until I find one that's just right, but that may take awhile.

Do you have a favorite bag?


Nichole said...

My brother and his fiancee gave me a seatbelt bag as a baby shower gift last year. It's spacious enough for a bottle, a travel pack of wipes and a diaper, which is all we need for a quick jaunt to the store or elsewhere. It might be the cutest thing I own.

Amy said...

I have lots of favorite bags. I have two small Rubbermaid containers that slide under the bed and I like to mix and match. But I'm not one of those people who change their purse every day to match their outfit (who has time for that?) but I do like to switch for special ocassions or just when I get tired of one I'll go back to another. Love your new bag!

Allie said...

Ooh! That is a nice bag. Is it machine washable? My next bag will be. I recently thought of all the times I put my bag down on dirty floors when it won't hang over the back of a chair, and and starting to think that a bag that I can wash every week or so would make me happy. Although, I'm also in love with Rachel's bags and hope she starts making them again soon.

Jeni said...

I'm going to assume my bag is machine washable; I don't see anything on it that would make me nervous about washing. There's no laundry tag, but it's fine-wale cotton corduroy with a cotton/poly trim.

I'm a fairly neurotic launderer, though - if it'll fit in the washer, it's getting washed, regardless of what the tag says.

It's a shame the couch won't fit in the washer.