Friday, July 18, 2008

Now Is The Time To Knit!

My mom taught me to knit when I was about six. I didn't really do much knitting until college, and since then the projects have come and gone. Now that I have a toddler girlie, I've really been interested in knitting things for her, especially since she and I are both sensitive to wool, and most cute knitted things in stores are at least part wool.

It may seem odd to be knitting in July, but there are several things I wanted to get done for Wendy & some other munchkins before cold weather hits. I've also got to take advantage of the knitting bug when it hits - I'm not always in the mood to sit for hours and clack my needles together.

I went to the craft store yesterday to buy yarn for her winter hat. While there, I literally stumbled upon this book - it was laying on the floor where it had fallen out of a rack. As soon as I saw the cover, I knew I had to investigate - and then I had to buy it, along with yarn for a couple more projects.

This is where, if I were a big-name blogger, I'd tell you I have a copy to give away. Sorry. I don't. But I seriously recommend looking at this book if you're a knitter. There are adorable patterns for everything from sweaters to mittens, dresses to blankets.

I'm a fairly basic knitter, and there's a pattern in the book for a chunky cabled hooded sweater - I bought the yarn and gave the book to my mom, and she started it last night. We're going to line it with fleece when it's done, and it will be Wendy's nice jacket for the winter. It's going to be blue, just about the shade of her eyes, with a cream fleece lining. Doesn't that sound nice?

(It pays to have talented family.)

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