Friday, September 5, 2008


When it comes right down to it, I'm simply a victim of physics. When Newton described his first law of motion, he was talking about me. "An object at rest tends to stay at rest..." That single principle describes one of my biggest struggles - overcoming inertia.

Today is definitely one of those days. I set my alarm for 6 a.m., fully intending to get up before Wendy so that I could get some things done before resuming my "Mama" duties. I know, I know, that my day goes a lot better if I can get a head start on my chores before Wendy wakes up...and yet...I turned the alarm off and snuggled back into my Blankie, and slept until Wendy called for me.

And now, it's almost 10 a.m., and I have accomplished exactly nothing. True, I fed Wendy - how hard is it to unwrap a couple of Nutri-grain bars? I, wait, that's it. That's all I've done. My to-do list overflows with things I could and should get done today. And yet, I am like this polar bear:

I know I'm not alone in my struggle to get with it in the mornings. Do any of you have a good strategy? Any ideas for boosting my self-discipline, for getting me up and going and accomplishing things??


Jendi said...

Alas and alack I have no help for you. I ,myself, am in the same quandry. I would much rather wax eloquent on various blogs than do the housework. :)

Love that inertia principle - made me laugh out loud!

Jill said...

Loved this post.
I'm feeling a bit like the polar bear myself. Sorry, no advice this morning. :0)

Nichole said...

That polar bear would be my mascot, if I weren't too lazy to actually procure myself a mascot.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I know, I'm weird. I am hard-wired to get up around 5:30 or 6:00 every day, unless I'm sick, or haven't had enough sleep. I enjoy the quietness of the morning. But my problem lies in that once I get on the computer, nothing else gets done until Ladybug gets up.

So I have to tear myself away from reading blogs, etc, and get myself into my devotions and Bible reading. That's my fight against inertia. Once the laptop is in my lap, it's hard to break free!

Beachy Mimi said...

I could so be that polar bear! I struggle with the same things.

Annie said...

Shower. Immediately when you get up.
Get dressed all the way to the shoes in something cute.

and if all else fails.....


Just so you know 6 am and 10 am are the same to me. I'd sleep til noon everyday given the chance. I learned how important the above advice when I had 3 hours notice that I was having five week old twins and a one year old come to live with me. (well it was five weeks later and I thought I was going to die) but I learned.