Monday, September 15, 2008

When it rains...

If it looks like I've been neglecting my blog this past week, well, I kinda have. But not intentionally. Last week was a bit crazy - here's a recap:
  • Sunday - starting to get sick. Make it to church & small group anyway, even without an afternoon nap.
  • Monday - SICK. Girlie banished to her grandparents' house.
  • Tuesday - a wee bit better. Go to grandparents' house to pick up Girlie. While there, Girlie dislocates her elbow again. Rush Girlie to doctor. All's well that ends well.
  • Tuesday night - insomnia, hit with Random Stomach Bug of Doom.
  • Wednesday - Girlie banished to her grandparents' house again.
  • Thursday - a little better, still not fully functioning.
  • Friday - spend the day working on writing for Inspired Bliss.
  • Saturday - wrestle with WordPress for hours, trying to get things posted for Inspired Bliss.
  • Sunday - Inspired Bliss reprieve, work on cleaning/organizing kitchen.
And so, at the beginning of another week, I've got lots to do - books to read for review, a bunch of writing to do, laundry (ALWAYS), etc.

But today? Today, the Girlie and I are going shopping, and then meeting a friend for lunch. No deadlines, no big to-do list, no critical things that just have to get done. We're taking it easy today. We're even having leftovers for dinner, so I don't have to cook.

So tell me - how often do you give yourself a "day off"? What do you do?

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Allie said...

So sorry to hear you were feeling bad for so long!

You know, I rarely just give myself a day off and I think I need to (says the girl who just came back from vacation -- but I'm talking about in the general scheme of normal life). I feel like I always have an ongoing to do list and even when I don't accomplish a lot, I feel like I should be accomplishing more. I think I need to have days where I don't expect that of myself.