Saturday, November 1, 2008


November is National Blog Posting Month! The goal of the challenge is to post something every day during the month, to progress towards being a more regular - maybe even daily - writer. I haven't been good about posting regularly for the last several weeks, so I'm taking up the challenge to get back into the groove of writing.

This weekend will be a tough one for me, because my in-laws are visiting. (You can read about our difficult relationship here.) The morning did NOT get off to a good start; they were supposed to call this morning when they were up & about, and James was going to tell them to come by around 11 a.m. Instead, Girlie and I had just gotten up, hadn't even gotten dressed, when there was a knock at the door. At 8 a.m. On a Saturday morning. With a nauseated pregnant woman & hungry toddler in pajamas inside.

I didn't answer the door, since I didn't consider my attire to be "decent." I called James to come get the door, but by the time he came downstairs, they were gone. He called them & gently reminded them that he asked them to CALL in the morning, not stop by at the crack of dawn. Sigh.

So, right now, James and Wendy are on their way to meet my in-laws in town. I stayed at home to clean up a bit before chaos ensues.

I'm hoping for a good weekend. I'll settle for a short weekend. Pray for my attitude, patience, & health, please!


Holly said...

Praying and that with understanding!

PS I'm still in my pajamas at 10:44 am.

Tiffany said...

Hang in there! This too shall pass...I think. :)

Nicki said...

my mother in law drives me nuts-but she never visits. Which is great for me but you would think she'd have a greater interest in her only child's life. But she would rather we drag ourselves 3 hours up the road to sit around with all her unruly and not so friendly dogs. I'll stop now, but I could go on....