Monday, November 17, 2008


In roughly 6 months, JellyBean will make his/her arrival. On one hand, that seems like a loooonng time from now, but with all the things I want to get done, I know time will fly. We have a large bedroom upstairs that we've been using as storage since we moved here. We want to convert it into Wendy's bedroom/playroom. Several things need to happen in order to accomplish this:

  • weed through storage stuff & get rid of as much as possible
  • find another way to store the stuff we want to keep
  • remove defunct chimney from the middle of the room
  • patch hole in roof from defunct chimney
  • build shelves on either side of the window
  • paint
  • new carpet
  • move Wendy's stuff upstairs
That's a pretty substantial list. The first 4 items will be the most complicated, especially finding somewhere to store things. We've been working on paring down our belongings, and this will be another time to get rid of a bunch of stuff.

One thing I wonder about, though, is the Christmas stuff. Where do you store your tree & decorations & wrapping paper & stuff? Do you have any hints for me??


Amy said...

We store our Christmas stuff in Rubbermaid totes in the garage.

Nichole said...

Our Christmas stuff is also in Rubbermaid, but it's currently in a large closet. I'm planning to move it down to the basement/crawlspace after Christmas.

(It's technically a crawlspace, but because the house is built on a steep slope it has a really high ceiling.)

Tawn said...

We store our stuff in our attic now, but when I didn't have an attic I stored as much stuff as possible in flat boxes and raised the bed in our spare bedroom. Then I could store the christmas stuff underneath the bed.

Tiffany said...

It is too bad you guys don't have any experience with home renovation! :)

We keep our out of season things in the attic. As for wrapping paper and bags, I have a bag that zips up that I keep that in in a closet. Good luck!

Allie said...

We keep all wrapping supplies in an underbed storage bin under the guest bed. Other holiday stuff lives in bins on a shelf in the basement.