Tuesday, December 30, 2008


A couple of weeks ago (yes, I'm behind!) we had the opportunity to host a mini-reunion of college friends. My roommate, Yavonda, and her husband, Matt, drove up from Little Rock. Our suitemate, Tassie, and her family, came over from Knoxville, where they are visiting family on furlough from China. We've been able to get together for the last three years, and it's a blast every time!

When we get together, we always spend hours and hours talking. Although we stay in touch on Facebook, nothing beats face-to-face conversation with your best friends. This time around, we got to meet Tassie's new daughter, Allie, who was born in China at the end of August. (And may I just say that Tassie is a MUCH braver person than I am - she had a C-section in China!!!)

Here's a picture of Yavonda's husband, Matt, rocking Kevin & Tassie's new daughter, Allie. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of little Allie's face - she was always snuggled up to someone!

And here are the rest of the Smiths, plus Wendy. Jael is their 7 year old daughter, then there's Kevin & Tassie.

Here are Kevin & Tassie again - Tassie was telling us about Chinese attitudes towards babies. Very interesting cultural differences!

Here are the Chases - Yavonda and Matt...and Wendy. (Wendy likes to be in the middle of everything.) If Yavonda looks exhausted, it's because she is - she's 9 weeks pregnant! Yay!! They've wanted a baby for awhile, and now they have one on the way - what a merry Christmas for them!

We stayed up way, WAY too late - I mean, like 2 a.m. kind of late - just talking and catching up and playing Wii. If nothing else, it proved to all of us that we are NOT college kids anymore! I am so thankful to have these girls and their families in my life - they are a true blessing to me, and I just wish we all lived closer & could meet more than once a year!

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