Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mom Song

I'm sure most of you have seen the following video, but in case you haven't, I thought I'd share:

Since Wendy is just 2, there are many things in that song that I don't say...yet. But here's what I DO say. Over and over. And over. Every day. Ad infinitum.

  • No jumping on the chair.
  • No climbing on the chair.
  • Chairs are for sitting.
  • No jumping on the couch.
  • No climbing on the couch.
  • The couch is for sitting.
  • Look at Mommy.
  • Do NOT smack Mommy!
  • Come here! I said, come here!
  • Do NOT make that sound. (referring to her supersonic shriek.)
  • Give it to Mommy.
  • Put that down.
  • Put that down, NOW.
  • Stop kicking.
  • It's time for night-night. No play.
  • Are you my sweetie?
  • WHAT do you have in your hair?? (Usu. cereal, ketchup, PB, or snot.)
  • Mommy loves her Wendy.
  • Do you need tickled??
I'm sure there are several other things I say a lot, but this list is pretty representative. As I look over it, I'm overwhelmed by how negative it is! I'll have to work on that!

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