Friday, February 13, 2009

A Little Ham, and a Tender Chin

Like most kids, Wendy loves the camera. She likes to look at it & pretend to take pictures, and most of all, she likes to have her picture taken. If she finds my camera sitting on the table, she'll turn it on, hand it to me, and say, "More smile!" She loves to pose & then look at the display to see the picture of herself.

She's quite the little ham.

This morning, she and I were in the living room waiting for James to come down for breakfast. She was perky & energetic, as usual, jumping & flitting around the dining room while singing to herself. And then, out of nowhere, she tripped & hit her chin on the pointy corner of the coffee table.

It hurt - a lot - and it took quite a while to calm her down. She even asked for "more medicine," poor thing, but I figured the hurt would be almost gone by the time Tylenol made any difference.

Here's the aftermath. It even hurts me just to look at it!

Obviously I didn't have children when I bought the coffee table, or I never would've bought one with pointy corners!


Nichole said...

Aw, poor little sweetie! I bought a Little Tumblers cover for our sharp-cornered coffee table when Pi was just starting to walk. She's only fallen into once, but the cover was cushiony enough that it didn't hurt her too badly. Graham is much more rough-and-tumble than Piper, though, so I'm betting he's going to need it more than she ever did.

Robin said...

Ouch! That looks like it hurt a lot!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I haven't see anyone else using blog-in-a-box. Yours looks great!

Jendi said...

It's my unscientific opinion that every child goes through a big chin boo-boo no matter if they have a pointy coffee table or not.

She is a cutie!

Shelley said...

Poor thing...I hope she's not hurting today.

Eco said...

Oh, that poor thing -- that looks painful! Hope she's on the mend soon. ;-)