Friday, April 17, 2009

Counting Down

This morning we had our next-to-last regular OB appointment! It seems like the first 6 months or so of this pregnancy just dragged by, and now, here we are, almost at the end! We're 33 weeks tomorrow. (And please, ignore my skin. Rosacea + hormones = AWFUL.)

We had an ultrasound, and David is measuring 4 lbs, 9 oz, which is at the 46th percentile - right on track. He looks healthy, and is growing well, and is active and STRONG. We reconfirmed that he does, indeed, have boy parts. (I know ultrasounds are pretty reliable these days, but I have a fear of having everything prepared for one sex & then having the other.)

We scheduled the amniocentesis for Friday, May 8th. Because it's a Friday, and my doctor isn't in on Monday, we'll probably get the results on Tuesday, May 12th, and then have him Wednesday or Thursday. I'm starting to feel a little more calm about the whole thing, and I really hope that calmness continues through the procedures.

And I just can't believe I'll be holding my little guy in 3 1/2 weeks!!

**Edited to add:***
Also - I'm pretty sure my OB has given up on me gaining weight at this point. I think I've done pretty well to only lose 25 pounds this time - with Wendy I lost 45. Now let's just see if I can keep it off after David arrives...

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heather said...

Wahoo! So close!
(I think I have roseacea [did I spell that correctly?] as well. It runs in my family, and I have this spot on my cheek that's always red, dry, and breaking out. Yuck.)