Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The brainwashing begins...

Most people have strong feelings about their alma mater. I am a second-generation graduate of Harding University, in Searcy, Arkansas, and I am no different - I loved my college experience. Harding University is a private Christian college, and for me it was the perfect transition to adulthood. I've got fond memories involving just about every part of campus life, from chapel to classes to club activities to dorm life.

I really want my children to attend a Christian college, and I really want them to choose Harding. I won't insist on it - forcing them to go to Harding would not end up with the best results. If they choose another college, we'll support their decisions - but we sure would love to be Harding parents someday!

"Look at mah belly - you know you want to kiss it!"

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Amber @ Classic Housewife said...

I really don't have the whole alma mater thing going. My dad got experience in the navy to get his first job at a power plant and then got future power plant jobs from work experience. He didn't go to college until I was in college. My mom went to nursing school when I was in elementary school. Incidentally, we did all go to the same college, but it's a very small state college and not really the sort of college you'd say to your kids, "I want y'all to grow up and attend the same really big and awesome college I attended."

Perhaps my children can start their own college traditions for their own children. :)