Monday, September 21, 2009

Where I've Been

I think that pretty much sums it up. Here are some highlights of what I've been up to while taking an unannounced blogging break:
  • Took the kids to get their professional pictures done. Finally. Split the difference between David's 3-month and Wendy's 3-year, and called it good. Pictures turned out great, but the day was exhausting.
  • Dealt with another (ANOTHER) round of contact allergic dermatitis. Another looong day waiting to be seen at the walk-in clinic, a 2-hour wait at the pharmacy, a desperate need for chocolate. (And seriously, Wal-Mart pharmacy - all you had to do was grab the thing off the shelf & stick a label on it. Didn't even need to count anything. WHY did that take 2 hours?!? Next time I'll go to Walgreens.)
  • Drove down to Tallahassee to visit James' family. With a 3 month old. And a 3 year old. It was a LONG trip.
  • A few days later, drove to Orlando to visit more family. A not-quite-as-long day.
  • In Orlando: stayed up too late talking, played games, went swimming, was bitten by a duck, forcibly removed said duck from the pool, and went to the zoo.
  • Back to Tallahassee. More family, some shopping, scattered tantrums here and there (from Wendy, not me), not enough sleep.
  • Drove home from Tallahassee. Somehow made it home in time to have the kids in bed around 9 p.m.
  • Spent last week cooped up inside because of the rain.
  • Going a little bit out of my mind with Wendy's most recent phase.
And that's pretty much it. I'll try to get back to blogging more regularly, because I've missed it!

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