Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday: Kids' Craft Supplies

My daughter, at 3 years old, is a very busy girl. She is on the move from the time she opens her eyes in the morning to the time she reluctantly closes them at nap time or night time. She is also great at keeping herself entertained...however, her methods for self-amusement generally involve messes, bruises, or a crying little brother.

When Wendy is given a little more guidance in her play, we all benefit. Her attitude is better, her behavior is better, and we get to share some special and funny moments. She really likes to make things, so I am in the process of stocking up on some craft supplies for her.

Here are my Top Ten craft supplies to keep on hand for a 3 year old:

1. Crayons and Washable Markers - these are an obvious necessity for an easy craft time. Wendy loves crayons, and she really loves markers - see?

That's why WASHABLE markers are essential. I've been really happy with the easy clean-up of Crayola's washable products.

2. Construction Paper - I just bought a giant stack of construction paper at Sam's Club yesterday, and I can't wait to use it! I think today we'll be making these turkeys and talking about Thanksgiving. (And if you don't subscribe to Impress Your Kids, you really should. That site is jam-packed with wonderful ideas!)

3. Stickers - Wendy is fascinated with stickers, and loves to put them on her potty chart & use them to embellish her original artwork. She can go through them pretty quickly, so we use the cheapest ones we can find, and she likes them just as well as the expensive ones.

4. Felt and Craft Foam - I really need to get a few different colors to keep on hand for projects. It's cheap and extremely versatile.

5. Googly Eyes - who doesn't love googly eyes? You can use them to turn any project into something fun.

6. Pipe Cleaners - bendy, colorful, and fun, and no mess involved! Pipe cleaners are great for shaping into animals, letters, numbers, or "jewelry."

7. Glue Sticks and Safety Scissors - glue and scissors are another obvious choice. Wendy knows how to use scissors, but hasn't quite developed the coordination and strength to make it work. We're going to practice as we do our crafts, because it is an important preschool skill.

8. Glitter Glue - kids LOVE sparkles! Glitter glue is fantastic, because it lets you have the fun of glitter without it getting absolutely everywhere.

9. Popsicle Sticks - great for making puppets, Christmas ornaments, buildings, bookmarks, and so many other things! They are cheap, and can be painted, colored, and glued. You can get big bags at most craft stores, or wash the ones your family uses!

10. Yarn, Feathers, Leaves, Acorns, Buttons, Sequins, Pinecones, etc. - being able to make her projects "fancy" makes Wendy happy! And I know she's not the only Fancy Nancy out there...

What have I forgotten? What craft supplies do your kids love to use?

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Blondie said...

My current favorite art supply is the Elmer's paint brushes that have the (color wonder-like pain) in the brush. The colors are MUCH better than Crayola's version.

I love foam, too!

oh amanda said...

Excellent list! Stickers could keep Lydia occupied for months!

Thanks for the big shout out to IYK! :)

Mandi @ It's come to this said...

We're making those turkeys this week too!! Great list ... my problem is just keeping it all organized!!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Great list! Here are a few other things in my craft box: cotton balls, empty TP rolls, and scotch tape. (I use the tape that is friendly to paint so that I can tape LB's projects up.)

We'll be making those turkeys too! Hey, i wonder if Amanda should do a linky round up of turkey posts later this month?

Beck said...

I also like watercolour paints and lightweight air dry clay - fun stuff!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

What a great list! My kids loved pipe cleaners when they were little. Oh, yeah... Masking tape... star stickers. All great for keeping little fingers busy!