Monday, April 26, 2010

Easter...three weeks late

(Just pretend you're reading this about three weeks ago.)
I have always enjoyed the fun side of Easter. The Easter baskets, the egg hunts, and especially the pretty Easter dresses are always a welcome sign of spring.

This year was no exception. I started planning the kids' Easter attire back in February, and I think they looked wonderful!

Grandma (my Mom) made Wendy's dress. Who knew that $6 worth of fabric from Wal-Mart could look so cute?

I made David's vest. I chose a simple pattern, since I didn't start it until the end of March. It looked so cute on him; I definitely plan on making him a few more vests for the fall and winter!

Easter was especially fun this year, because Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa (my grandparents) were able to visit. Wendy really enjoyed spending time with them, and she keeps asking when we're going to see them again. David spent some quality snuggle-time with his Great-Grandma; she was able to rock him to sleep, something I can rarely accomplish! We had our family's "traditional" chili dogs for Easter dinner, and we all had a good day!

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