Tuesday, February 8, 2011

WFMW: Baby Steps toward Organization

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Things have been a bit chaotic around my house since...um...well, since I got pregnant with David. (That was September of 2008.) Since then, I don't think I've even once felt like the house was all the way clean, or organized, or peaceful. I desire that so much, and it's so hard to attain!

I'm kind of an all-or-nothing person. When I decide to change something, I go in with high energy, wading deep into the mess and re-doing a whole room in an afternoon. The problem is that right now I don't have the time, energy, or attention to devote to finishing a project like that. I can't revamp my whole house in a weekend. I can't schedule our days down to 15-minute increments. Someday those things might be possible, but not in this particular crazy-wonderful season.

Instead of tackling everything at once (or ignoring it since I can't do it all), I'm trying to take baby steps.

So I can't organize the whole dining room (which is our catch-all place)...
I can organize that one shelf over there.

So I don't have time to straighten the entire downstairs so that I can vacuum...
I can pick up the toys in the kids' room and vacuum in there, at least.

So I don't have time to fold all of the accumulated laundry and put it all away...
I can fold one basket of clothes & put it away while the kids are watching Dora.

Baby steps toward organization might just save my sanity!

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twinsintally said...

I once heard some great advice. Write down all your "small organization challenges" keep them in small bits, this drawer, that bookshelf, this counter area... Come up with as many as you can and then tackle each project as you can. Easier to knock off tiny chunks here and there than the whole big enchilada! And I LOVE to mark things off a list!
Great advice, although my problem is with all the "revolving" chores. Dishes and laundry, dishes and laundry...

fruitfulwords said...

Great reminder about the usefulness of baby steps for accomplishing anything - even those revolving chores.

Something I am trying to do when I don't know where to start is answer a question. What 2 things will make the most impact if I do them today? I do find it hard to narrow down, but I make myself.

Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

I know!
And this is a great way to tackle things, bite by bite and get them done.