Monday, June 6, 2011

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Every so often, I'm confronted with a harsh reality - not all of my "good ideas" turn out all that good. Here's a list of ten kid-related things that turned against me:

1. B. Pop-Arty Beads: a jar of 500 little pop-beads, for making pretend jewelry and whatnot. Fantastic as a math manipulative! Great for fine motor skills! But the kids love to just dump the whole jar out into the carpet. There are probably only 250 beads left in the jar, because the rest are scattered all over my house.

2. any Happy Meal toys: I'm pretty sure cheap plastic toys multiply in the middle of the night. I throw them away, and yet there always seem to be more - and we don't even get Happy Meals very often!

3. giant diaper bag: okay, for the first few months of my babies' lives, it seemed like we needed to haul everything but the kitchen sink around with us everywhere. We lived in constant danger of an eruption from one end or the other, and had to have the necessary supplies, plus changes of clothes, available. But after the first, say, 6 months? I tend to carry as little as possible. That giant diaper bag is just one more thing to clutter the bottom of the closet.

4. deep-pile carpeting: before we moved into our house, it had been abused and mistreated and then sat empty for almost a year. The original wood floors are in awful shape, and the floor itself is very uneven - we couldn't fix the hardwoods without a significant amount of under-the-floor work. We didn't have time or money for that, so we slapped carpet on top. I like carpet, but why in the world did I pick a light-colored, deep-pile carpet? Because I didn't have toddlers yet, that's why. DUMB.

5. Squirty bath toys: otherwise known as "deceptively cute breeding ground for mold and bacteria." The first time I realized the funk that was growing in that sweet rubber ducky, I couldn't believe it. (I am interested in these, though. You can take them apart to clean them!)

6. Taking the kids on marathon errands without packing snacks: I should know better. Apparently even an experienced mom can make a rookie mistake. I blame mom-brain.

7. High chair: we used our high chair a lot with Wendy, but it was huge and cumbersome and very hard to clean. We barely used it at all with David, especially once we got this booster seat. We LOVE the booster seat.

8. Diaper Genie: we had a Diaper Genie when Wendy was a baby, and we used it until it started to stink. The diaper smells were embedded in the plastic, so that even when the thing was empty it smelled awful. We got rid of it, and just put our diapers in the trash (or the diaper pail, if we're in a cloth-diapering phase).

9. Starting an Easter knitting project 3 days before Easter: when I decided to make a vest for David, I didn't intend to wait until the last minute. Easter has a way of sneaking up on me, and I didn't get the vest finished - even though I stayed up all night one night working on it. It still isn't done. Maybe he'll wear it next year. Maybe.

10. Letting a toddler take a library book to bed: another rookie mistake. That toddler, who is ordinarily very good with books, will suddenly have irresistible destructive urges, and Mommy will end up taking a tattered and torn book back to the library and begging for mercy from the Library Ladies.

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Jessica said...

That was a fun post. I agree with every one. We had a diaper genie, too until we figured out that it really was easier just to take it to the trash.

Georgia said...

I agree with everyone of those! you need to write a book for first time parents and put them all in there. not like they would listen, they would still get the diaper genie and high chair...but you could try? LOL

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

I burst out laughing reading this post! So, so true!

LucidLotus said...

Hilarious! I almost bought those beads, glad I read this first:)

Heather said...

We're in the haul-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink phase. The other day we had a blow out while I was feeding him at a friend's. Had a change of clothes for Keegan but not for me. Do I need to start carrying that as well?

Ashley Pichea said...

Wow - I think we're in about the same boat! :) LOL

Anonymous said...

The equivalent of those beads are Legos. I have a love/hate relationship with the things. I love how creative my son is with them; I love that he builds things with them. I hate finding them in the vacuum cleaner or having our vet find them in our dog (and charging me an insane amount of money for that privilege). We've implemented the "no dogs in your room and Legos stay in your room" method of defense. Working reasonably well so far.

Bluerose said...

So funny!! I especially agree with the beads and the bath toys. I JUST threw away some bath toys. I very much dislike them!! :)

ICStarzz said...

ew ew ew! I never thought of what was inside those bath toys! Thanks for the link of the cute cleanable ones!!


Nicki said...

Our house came with light colored carpeting. It needed to be replaced. Now, after our three dogs, two cats and numerous foster dogs it REALLY needs replaced. It will not be replaced with light colored carpeting.