Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Job

Yesterday morning I was working on making a chore chart for Wendy. She's 4 1/2 and is fully capable of doing simple things like making her bed and picking out her clothes, so it's time for her to learn about responsibility. I've made a simple chart with two sections, "Morning Chores" and "Afternoon Chores." I'm going to stick it on the refrigerator and give her some magnets; she'll be able to move her magnets from "To Do" to "Done!" as she completes the tasks.

Wendy saw me drawing simple pictures for her chart. She's not quite reading yet, so the pictures are just to remind her of the different tasks. Anyway, she asked what I was making, so I explained to her that I was making a chore chart of different jobs that she would have each day. She said, "I want to make one for YOU!" She asked for a piece of paper and got busy writing.

According to her, these are my chores:
  1. Make pancakes
  2. Blow bubbles
  3. Drive when Daddy's not coming
  4. Tuck Wendy into bed
  5. Put bows in Wendy's hair
  6. Buy stuff
  7. Pick flowers for someone if I want to
  8. Bring my purse everywhere
  9. Drink a little bit of coffee
I laughed when she got to #9, and she said, "I know that that's a little bit silly, but that's your job!"

I love my job.

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