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Friday, September 21, 2007

5 for Friday

We had a long day today, but hopefully it was worth it. We went to a store called Relax Your Back to get a chair and keyboard tray for James. He works at the computer an average of 11 hours a day, and he was in pain from the cheap chair and too-high keyboard he had been using. I really hope that the new stuff works well and helps keep him healthy and comfortable.

Here's my five:
1. Shake's Frozen Custard. James and I grew quite fond of Shake's when we lived in Columbia, Missouri. Then we moved to Jefferson City, then all the way to Tennessee. But surprisingly, there is a Shake's in Franklin, Tennessee. We went there to do some shopping today, and just had to stop by for a yummy bite or two.

2. Easy-going babies. I take Wendy's good nature for granted sometimes. She just hangs out wherever we are, likes to go shopping and to restaurants, and loves to make people smile. That's never more apparent than at the times when she's used up all her good behavior. She was VERY good while we were shopping today, but after about 5 hours she just had enough. I'm glad she's usually easy-going!

3. Frozen tater tots. I made a tater tot casserole to take over to my parents' house last night. Frozen tater tots are one of my freezer staples. Good with any meal, great in a casserole or as a snack. Just don't eat the whole bag.

4. Sunglasses. I don't go anywhere without my sunglasses, because I get headaches easily. If I had to be without them on a bright day I'd be miserable. Maybe that's the kind of thing referred to in the Bible when it says that Leah had "weak eyes."

5. Survivor. It started again!! Yay!! I really enjoy Survivor, and so does the rest of my family (except James - he wishes the women would put some clothes on). I don't like the lying and backstabbing, but I love the challenges and the scenery and seeing how people deal with having nothing. And I always wonder - WHY did these people not practice making fire before going on Survivor??

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