Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Backwards Works-For-Me Wednesday

Today is a Backwards Works-For-Me Wednesday. That means that I get to ask for tips about something, and hope that someone will give me a great answer.

I love to hang laundry out to dry. I like saving the energy, the fresh smell of the clothes, and looking at them out on the line. But I don't like the crunchies - you know, when stuff dries all stiff. I've tried fabric softeners, with minimal success.

Any suggestions?


AzureLynn said...

I know the whole point of putting them out on the line is to save energy -- but I toss all my things I don't want "crunchy" in the dryer for 10 minutes after I bring them in. I also use vinegar in my rinse water. Not as soft as "dryer" dried clothing, but it does ease the crunchy-ies too.

TexasTanya said...

Ditto on the dryer.

We usually use the "fluff" setting and let them toss around for a few minutes - that helps to make everything soft.

Heather@Mommymonk said...

I like the crunchy feeling...except on my towels and I just don't hang those things. I separate the wash into things I want soft and things I like line dried.

Cindee said...

I put the stuff I don't want "crunchy", like towels, into the dryer FIRST for 10 minutes, THEN I line dry them. That way they still have the line-dried fresh smell and don't lose it in the dryer. Funny, I just posted about this recently for WFMW! :-)

I love crunchy jeans!!

Alaina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! We love nutrigrain bars, too but I definitely agree about them getting smashed in the diaper bag!