Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Backwards Works-For-Me Wednesday

Today at Rocks in my Dryer, Shannon is hosting a "Backwards Works-For-Me Wedneday" carnival. This means that instead of the usual submitting household tip and tricks, we get to ask for help. That's fantastic!

Here's my question for today:

I have rosacea, and nothing I've tried has helped get it under control. Anybody had success with any particular products or routines?


Amy said...

I have read great things about DermaDoctor products and was going to try one of their products for the "chicken bumps" I have on my arms. They have a product for Rosacea.

Edi said...

when you say you've tried different products - were they prescription strength?

I too have rosacea and what worked for me was to go on a course of oral antibiotics...that managed to get it all under control so then I just needed a topical ointment (which I don't even use now).

Before the orals my face was a MESS (especially my nose!)'s amazing what a difference it made.

Amy said...

I did NOT catch the People's Choice Awards last night but I heard about it at lunch today...I heard it was a disaster. Poor Queen Latifah.

Kim said...

I too have rosacea - I have a medicated cream from my Dr that sometimes helps - I think my rosacea is worsened by stress (which I have had a lot of lately) so the cream doesn't always work.

What I have found to work and I am not sure if it is just frequently cleansing or the product itself - ok I'll back - when I wear makeup regularly, my flare-ups go down - I think it is because I use Ponds cleansing clothes to remove my makeup - the ones with green tea and chamomille - either just the frequent cleansing or the ingredients of the Ponds clothes seems to make it better. It's worth a try.

Suzanne said...

My husband has had some success with Dream Cream from LUSH.

Doris said...

Hi Jeni, I saw your post at another bloggers' digs and found my way here with a Vet question. :) Our female cat won't poop in the litter box more than once without it being scooped. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. :)

Waitingonyou2 said...

A friend of mine has used many, many products with little to no luck.

Recently she started using Burt's Bees Wild Lettuce Soap and a Garden Tomato Toner. She said her face is no longer red, dry or irritated.

I'm currently using the toner and the clay mask and I love it. I don't have roscacea, but my complexion has completely changed.

I also love their Peppermint Shower Soap and the Soy & Pomegranate shampoo.

Thanks for the advice on the shower/tub. It's not porcelain, but I have Bartender's Friend for our stainless steel grill. I never thought to use it.

Rosacea Help said...

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