Saturday, April 12, 2008

Irish Chocolate Mint Dessert

The recipe I'm going to share today is one of my favorites. I came across it in one of my best dessert cookbooks, the Hershey's Best Loved Recipes cookbook. It's fantastically yummy and good, and makes it look like you worked really hard. It's not difficult to make, but it does take awhile to make because you have to pause between layers.

In case the name "Irish Chocolate Mint Dessert" isn't enough to tempt you, here's a picture of it from the Hershey website:


Irish Chocolate Mint Dessert
1-1/2 cups (3 sticks)plus 6 tablespoons butter or margarine, divided
2 cups granulated sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
4 eggs
3/4 cup HERSHEY'S Cocoa
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
2-2/3 cups powdered sugar
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon water
1 teaspoon mint extract
4 drops green food color
1 cup HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK Chocolate Chips or HERSHEY'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Heat oven to 350°F. Grease 13x9x2-inch baking pan. Place 1 cup (2 sticks) butter in large microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at MEDIUM (50%) 2 minutes or until melted. Stir in granulated sugar and vanilla. Add eggs; beat well. Add cocoa, flour and baking powder; beat until well blended.

Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in centers comes out clean. Cool completely on wire rack.

Prepare Mint Cream Center by combining powdered sugar, 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, water, mint extract and food color. Beat until smooth. Divide and spread evenly on cooled brownies. Cover; refrigerate until cold.

Prepare Chocolate Glaze by placing remaining 6 tablespoons butter and chocolate chips in small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at MEDIUM (50%) 1 minute or until mixture is smooth when stirred. Cool slightly; pour over chilled dessert. Cover; refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving. 24 servings.

You can find more yummy recipes at It Coulda' Been Worse's Saturday Stirrings!


Kim said...

Mint + Chocolate = FANTABULOUSO! Thanks for the recipe!

Farrah said...

I want to try this! Hubby doesn't like mint desserts, but somehow I think it will get eaten! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Sounds absolutely divine! But I'm curious, what makes it Irish?

The Apron Queen said...

Late making my rounds. Sounds delicious! Do stop by. I'll save you a plate of my Just Peachy Cobbler. :D

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