Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Toddler Play Sandals

My girlie LOVES to play outside. She loves to run, climb, pick dandelions, and basically just stomp around the yard. With the arrival of spring (YAY!) I've been on a search for the ideal play sandal. I had several qualifications in mind:

1. It had to look girlie. I wasn't going to substitute a boy's sandal.
2. It had to be sturdy.
3. It had to be washable.
4. It should protect her wee tootsies.
5. It should not require a bank loan.

In my search, I came across various sandals that would probably have worked, but didn't fit all five qualifications for the ideal play sandal. And as much as I would like to buy two or three pairs of sandals for her, that's just not an option.

And then I found this:

I call them her "Fake Crocs." They are made of the same croc-like material, so they're reasonably sturdy and easily washed (I've already chucked these in the washer a couple of times). They're girlie. They're closed-toed to protect her from the sticks/rocks/bumblebees. Best of all, I found them at Wal-Mart for $5. That's right, $5. (If you go looking for them, they're with the flip-flops, not the regular toddler shoes.)

The only downside I can see is that they run a smidge big; instead of getting the 6, we had to go for the 5 - that means we'll probably buy another pair before the summer is over. But at $5 a pop, that's totally doable.

(You may wonder about the setting for the picture. I have to keep the Fake Crocs on top of the cabinet by the back door. If Wendy gets her hands on them, she will keep bringing them to me, saying, "Dadide?" [That's outside in Wendyspeak.] The girl loves the outdoors.)

(And bonus points if you can tell me what's in the yellow box in the picture.)

Sturdy, girlie, washable and cheap toddler play sandals work for me! What works for you?

Head over to Rocks In My Dryer for more ideas!


Kelsey S said...

Oh how cute! I should really get Y a pair because rain boots will not do the trick in summer.


Niki Jolene said...

Those are oh so cute!


BexInTheCity said...

wheat thins =]

GiBee said...

I saw those too ... so cute!!! It made me wish I had a girl. The boy shoes aren't as cute!

Unknown said...

Way cute!!

And the box is Nilla Wafers, every toddler's favorite cookie!

Jill said...


Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

Cute shoes! :)

The yellow box is Multi-grain Wheat Thins.

Jeni said...

Wow, lots of guesses! Becky was mostly right, and Amy was completely right - Multi-grain Wheat Thins.