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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WFMW: Feeding the Toddler "Au Naturel"

When feeding a 21-month-old child, it sometimes seems like the food somehow spreads to every square inch of her body, her high chair, and sometimes even the dining room. Something simple (and probably self-explanatory) that I've started doing is stripping Wendy down to her diaper when she eats. I don't do this for every meal, as breakfast and lunch are generally not as messy. Dinnertime, especially if it involves pasta, casseroles, or pretty much anything with sauce, merits a full strip-down. (This picture was taken when I forgot to strip her down when we had spaghetti last week. It wasn't pretty.)

I definitely prefer having her eat in just her diaper. Her high chair is still a disaster, and there's still food on the floor here and there, but at least I don't have to worry about stained clothes. She gets plucked out of the high chair and plunked right into her bath, and that works for me!

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Precision Quality Laser said...

LOL...I LOVE the photo! We are just getting to the stage where she is liking more solid foods. So I guess that I get to look forward to photo-ops such as this one! What a cutie!

Kara said...

Great picture! I've been doing this a lot with my fifteen month old this summer:)

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