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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WFMW: Washing Baby Socks

This is by no means a new tip; I think I learned it from reading WFMW a couple of years ago. It's recently come up in my life again, so I thought I'd share - maybe someone out there hasn't heard this tip & will benefit from it!

Baby socks are notorious for getting lost in the wash. After all, they're tiny, and thin, and can fit in any number of crevices in the washer & dryer. A simple fix - gather all the baby socks & zip them into a lingerie bag. You can pick up a lingerie bag at any grocery store or supercenter; I'm pretty sure mine was about $3 at Target.

Put all the socks in the bag, zip it up, and toss it in the washer. Put it in the dryer as-is, and when the dryer is done, all your baby socks are still there!

Keeping baby socks together works for me. For more tips & advice, head over to Works-For-Me Wednesday at We Are THAT Family!


Nichole said...

Is the bag big enough for grown-up socks, too?

Amy said...

I did this when my kids were tiny- I probably read it about the same time you did on WFMW! ;) What a great help it was!

My WFMW tip this week is about choosing useful freebies instead of clutter.