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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Birthday for the Chicken

Dear Wendy,

Today you are three years old! Three years ago, we got to meet you - our tiny, red, wrinkly, beautiful girl. We knew right away that you were going to change our lives. Just like the song I've sung to you since that day:

God made Wendy, God made Wendy
Yes, He did! Yes, He did!
She is something special
She is something special
Yes, she is! Yes, she is!

You are creative and imaginative and silly. You are full of athleticism and energy, and always ready for an adventure. You are spirited, stubborn, strong, and sensitive. You are funny - you make jokes now, and will giggle until you can't breathe - which makes Mommy, Daddy, and David all laugh, too.

You are beautiful, caring, and kind (usually). You take good care of your brother, making sure that Mommy and Daddy know whenever he is upset. You are such a good big sister! You are my big helper. You love to wash dishes, put clothes in the washer, feed David, and put away groceries. You are very smart, and can remember things that I never thought you would even notice.
You love princesses, kitties, Shrek, soccer, Daisy (your puppy), and cookies. You really enjoy reading books, and your current favorites include "The Gruffalo," "Ten Apples Up On Top," "Snug House, Bug House," and "My Lucky Day." Mommy and Daddy really enjoy hearing you "read" your books out loud, and you like to read to Daisy and David.

I hope you always know, deep down, that Mommy and Daddy love you, and more importantly, that God loves you. To quote Veggie Tales, "God made you special, and He loves you very much!" We are so thankful and blessed to have you in our lives!

Happy Birthday, my Chicken Potato. My Chicken McChicken. My Booger McChicken. My favorite girl.



Unknown said...

Oh my word, she's getting SO big and grown up looking!! Happy birthday, Wendy!

Eco said...

So sweet -- happy birthday Wendy!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Wendy! I really love her pictures. And what very cute little outfits!!

Nicki said...

Those pics are adorable

Kate said...

Oh she has grown just a little bit! I love looking back at those itty bitty baby pictures. Happy birthday to your darling!

Rachel said...

She's so adorable - what amazing blue eyes!! Happy Birthday!