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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things I Love Thursday: Ministar

When Wendy was a baby, I spend about half of every day putting socks back on her cold little pudgy feet - until I discovered Ministar baby shoes at Target. They're essentially like Robeez, but much more affordable for the average parent. I got a pair because I had a coupon, not thinking I would even like them, and once I tried them, I was hooked!!

These shoes stay on. They're soft, flexible leather, so they conform to baby's growing foot. Wendy never did figure out how to get them off; the XL size lasted until she was 2 1/2, and she still couldn't get them off.

When we were putting together a baby registry when David was on the way, these shoes were one of the first things we added. They work so well, and keep his feet warm (but not too hot) and keep his socks on.

We started with this pair:
Then, today, I got him a new pair for fall & winter:
I wish they made these boots in my size!

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Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

I bought a bunch of barely used Robeez at a garage sale for $1 them!

They really are great shoes for prewalkers.

Diann @ The thrity Groove said...

Huh, I have never heard of these. I am so out of the loop.....I can't even see the loop!

No I wasn't Sleeping said...

Wow, I have never seen the boot ones. those are so cute. I lovehow they are kind of like slippers, but they don't actually slip all over the floor like socks do.

thediaperdiaries said...

Dang I want those boots!!! I need to get something cause these baby socks are driving me nuts!!

Beck said...

Those ARE really cute!
We had a bunch of Robeez (I think they might be more affordable here - ours cost $15) for The Baby and I LOVED them. She COULD keep them on!