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Thursday, May 27, 2010

TILT: Playtex Ortho-Pro Teether

Several months ago, I got a coupon in the mail for a new Playtex baby product - the Ortho-Pro Teether. I put the coupon aside, since at the time David wasn't teething & wasn't interested in chewing on things. Then, before I knew it, I saw him holding his pacifier sideways and chomping on it frantically, trying to massage his poor swollen gums.

I dug out the coupon & looked for the Ortho-Pro teether at the store, and was a little surprised by its appearance. It looks a lot like a pacifier, but instead of having a bulb, it has a firm, flattened teething surface with bumps & ridges. The whole thing is that firm-but-gummy texture that teething babies love, and it has a handle for little hands to grasp.

When I gave the teether to David, he immediately knew what to do! He gnawed and chewed all over the thing, and it seemed to help him feel quite a bit better. Now we're on to molars, and he likes it even better! He can stick the flattened part towards the back & side of his mouth & chomp away!

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anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this! my 10 month old had 3 top teeth coming in as i write this and wants nothing to do with the classic teethers; you better believe i will running out to the store and buying this ASAP! just wanted to say thanks for the tip, i follow your blog and always like to read your WFMW's and TILT's.

annies home said...

I am going to tell my daughter about this because my granddaughter takes a pacifier and they are always worried about her teeth

twinsintally said...

You guys are onto molars???!! Noah still has the same six teeth he has had for 6 months. No new ones. Maybe, if we ever move forward with teeth, we will give this a try.