Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dream Job

I wish that I could make a career out of shopping. I love to shop. I think partly it's the thrill of the hunt, finding a great bargain or fabulous Christmas gift. But I always have buyer's remorse when I come home and organize the receipts or look through the bills. It's not that I necessarily want the stuff; I get caught up in the "75% Off" rack or the gorgeous impractical $5 shoes. I've even started being neurotic about grocery shopping - coupons are my thing. Today at Kroger I saved $89! Unfortunately, I have to go back to Kroger tomorrow, because I forgot a few things from my list.

I think I'm finally on track to get my house and various chores in order. It's been a rough few weeks, dealing with the insomnia, but I think it's getting better. I slept for 10 hours last night! That doesn't fix 2 weeks worth of 4 hours a night, but it helps. For some reason, working on stuff is much easier when you've rested well.

I've started reading to Wendy every day. I probably should have been doing it all along, but I wasn't sure how to deal with her very short attention span and wiggliness. (There's a reason one of her nicknames is "Squirmbing.") I decided I'd just read to her when I put her in the crib for her naps. She's not really paying much attention, but the time will come when she does. I really look forward to that. One of my favorite memories of working in the church nursery is of Ashley Heffington, at about 18 months, plopping her little bottom in my lap with a book for me to read to her.

Isn't fall beautiful? We had weeks and weeks of drought and 100+ temperatures, and today it was rainy and about 75. I love it. I can't wait for it to get even cooler. I don't really care for summer and winter, but I love spring and fall. I guess without the extremes of summer and winter, fall and spring wouldn't be as special. Fall makes me want to go hiking and rake leaves and have a campfire and plan for Christmas decorations.

I hope all of you are enjoying cooler weather too!

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Sandi said...

Chase doesn't sit to read for long either -- as soon as I plop him onto my lap, he arches his back and gets down to play. It seems like Caden liked to read at this stage...maybe it's just the difference in their personalities? Caden: calm, long attention span, studious, observant
Chase: rowdy, ever-exploring, wiggly, and climby