Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Prayer Request

One of the partners of the engineering company James works for is in his last days with some sort of cancer in his spinal cord. He was diagnosed last fall and was given about 6 weeks at that point, so he's done very well. In the past few days he's lost all mobility and has stopped eating and drinking. He's a Christian and a very good man.

Please pray for Carol Winslow and his wife, Norma, as they go through the upcoming transition. Carol used to be a very jolly guy; I'm sure you'll enjoy him when we all get to heaven.

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DonnaMarie said...

Carol and Norma are in our prayers. What a blessing that he's in Christ. I know when Mom died in March, it was joyful as much as it was sorrowful - knowing that she's in Heaven not suffering here with cancer anymore. However, I have seen - through my dad's grief these past 6 months - how difficult it is to lose a spouse and will certainly keep Norma in our prayers for strength and comfort in the coming days.