Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday Musings

Yesterday I wished heartily for rain, and today I awoke to the sound of rain dripping outside our bedroom window...God is good!

I was inspired today to actually straighten up the house a little bit. It's been hard to get motivated since Wendy goes right behind me and messes it up again. I got her room clean, put her down for a nap, and worked on the rest of the house.

We had an excellent Bible study at church last night. We watched a DVD presentation by Andy Stanley from Atlanta, on the will of God. It was an introductory lesson, but even so, inspired some good comments from people. The one I thought was most original was, "God is not Google." The person expressing this thought explained that we use Google all the time to search for information. We don't care how Google works, we just want it to give us our answers fast. Even when we don't input the right info, we want it to pull up the right links. We have a danger of feeling exactly that way about God's will. We just want to know the answer to the current question that is bothering us. We aren't interested in how God works or what is behind His reasoning - we just want our cut-and-dried, yes-or-no answer.

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