Saturday, October 13, 2007

5 for Friday - on Saturday

We've been traveling in the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina for the last few days, and I was *gasp* without internet connection! It was awful...I've become quite accustomed to checking e-mail and facebook and writing my blogs. But now we're in Gatlinburg and our tiny hotel room has WiFi - I couldn't wait to fire up the laptop! :-)

Here are my blessings for this week:

1. A handy husband. The new minivan has been giving us trouble as we travel, and James has been able to diagnose a broken serpentine belt on the roadside, and then replace it and the tensioner in the parking lot of the parts store we found. Engineers are handy to have around. :-)

2. Sippy cups with straws. Wendy is past the bottle stage and definitely not ready for a regular cup. She's got several styles of sippy cups, but the best by far are the ones with straws. She doesn't have to tip her head back to drink, so she can drink her milk while walking, a big plus for a girl who is always on the move!

3. Digital cameras. In our traveling thus far, we've taken lots of pictures. It's great to be able to see what your picture looks like right away, to know whether you need to change something and retake it. I'll try to post some of our vacation pictures after we get home.

4. Foofy pink baby dresses. This morning, my in-laws renewed their vows; it was their 35th anniversary. Wendy was their flower girl this morning, and wore a super-foofy pink dress. She looked so pretty!! I'll definitely post some pictures of the prettiest flower girl ever. :-)

5. Spandex. Seriously. Being in the car basically all day for two days makes me very thankful for comfy clothes. Spandex is in everything; jeans, slacks, even tops. It's fantastic. I know I loved it in maternity clothes, and I love it in my everyday clothes too, especially when travelling.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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carrie said...

I hate to hear that you had car trouble. I am glad that James could fix it. I can't wait to see The flowergirl pictures.