Sunday, October 14, 2007


I was tagged by my friend Carrie to write about my man, so here goes:

1. Who is my man? James
2. How long have we been together? We've been married for nine years.
3. How long did we date? We dated for almost a year and were engaged for 8 months.
4. How old is he? 32
5. Who eats more? He certainly can, but in the course of a day I do.
6. Who said "I love you" first? I don't remember, and neither does he - I asked.
7. Who is taller? Definitely him
8. Who sings better? Me
9. Who is smarter? We're both pretty smart. :-)
10. Who has more of a temper? Mine's quicker, but his is stronger.
11. Who does the laundry? I do - when I do it.
12. Who takes out the trash? Me to the can, him to the curb.
13. Who has sharper computer skills? Definitely him.
14. Who sleeps on the right side? He does.
15. Who pays bills? He does.
16. Who mows the lawn? He does.
17. Who cooks? I do.
18. Who drives when we are together? Depends. In town, 50-50. On trips, all him.
19. Who pays when we are out together? He does.
20. Who is more stubborn? He is.
21. Who is first to admit it when they are wrong? I am.
22. Who asked out who? He did. Funny story...
23. Who kissed who first? He did...finally!
24. Who is more sensitive? I am.
25. Who has more friends? I do.
26. Who has more siblings? He does.
27. Who wears the pants? Definitely him. But I wear capris. :-)

Now I'm going to tag Sandi, Tiffany, and Tawn!


Tiffany said...

That is great! I could definitely picture some of the answers! Some things never change, huh?

Tiffany said...

Mine's up!