Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

I want to blog about our trip, but it's late and the laptop battery is fading. I'll do it soon. In the meantime, pictures are up on Facebook.

This week's tip comes after our weekend of travel, and it's very simple. We had to drive a lot over our little vacation, and that's not easy with a very active toddler. I'd get her all set with Binky, sippy cup, blankie and toys, and she'd proceed to toss things out of reach, one by one, and then fuss about it.

Enter the links. You know, the links. The baby links that are floating around at the bottom of every toy box and diaper bag in America. I collected about 20 links and made a chain, then attached stuff to it. One end hooked on the headrest of the front passenger seat, and the other end, the business end, was plenty long enough to sit in Wendy's lap. She was able to play with her toys or toss them aside, but I could still reach them to give them back to her when the time was right. I wish I had thought of this on our previous car trips!

That works for me - what works for you?

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Tawn said...

I don't have any Works for Me Wednesay tips, but to answer your question...I will be staying home with the baby in January. I have some training to finish up next Spring and probably still have to make some school visits, but I won't be going into the office.