Monday, October 8, 2007

Neighbor Problems

We moved to our current house a little more than a year ago, and since then have had problems with our neighbors, a single mom, her teenage daughter, and pre-teen son. Things like screaming mother-daughter fights in the front yard. Karaoke on the front porch until 2 a.m. Their dogs (of which they have 5 or 6) wandering all over our property. Their beagle sitting just outside my baby's window and barking barking barking barking barking...until I go chase it away at 1:30 this morning, wishing I had a BB gun or rocks to throw or at least a powerful squirt gun. (Which makes me feel terrible, especially since I'm a vet!) Our houses are pretty close together, so things can't be easily ignored.

I've been putting off talking to the neighbor about the problem, because a.) she's very nice and b.) I'm shy. But I know in my heart that I'm just going to have to buck up and deal with it. What should I say? How should I approach it? Any suggestions?

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