Friday, November 9, 2007

5 for Friday

We've had a busy week, trying to regain some degree of control over the chaos after our trip. We don't go out of town very often, but for some reason lately it seems like we've been gone about every other week. I think we're staying put until Christmas, so that'll give us a chance to recover.

Here are my five for this week:

1. Gas fireplace - it's been pretty chilly here, especially in the mornings. It's great to turn on the fire first thing in the morning, and feel it gently warm the living room. I wish it was better and distributing the heat, but my friendly household engineer has several ideas for future projects.

2. Safe travel - as we were driving in Kentucky, we got stopped in a construction zone for 40 minutes. As we sat, state troopers came zooming past us, then an ambulance, then another ambulance, more troopers, and some of the pickups from the construction site. We found out that one of the construction workers had been hit by a semi. It was a reminder of all we have to be thankful for when we arrive at our destinations safely - and slow down in construction zones!

3. Hospitality - while we were in Missouri we stayed with one of James's coworkers, who have perfected the art of hospitality. They live on a farm and are always hosting hayrides, bonfires, swim parties, trail rides, and picnics. They were wonderful people to stay with, and we really enjoyed being out at the farm.

4. Febreze candles - I've got one on the mantle that's an apple spice scent, and one in the bedroom that's meadows and rain. When they're lit, as I move from room to room I notice the pretty scent...much better than old house, cat, and diaper pail, which I am afraid my house smells like most of the time.

5. Ibuprofen & saline nasal spray - I'm not sure I could've done much at all this week without my trusty friends. Does anyone else get headaches when the furnaces come on? I think it's the combination of dry air and dust, but it's awful. I need to put the humidifier in our room, but it needs a new filter, and I never remember. Maybe the pain of the headaches will help my recall next time I'm at the store!

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