Thursday, November 8, 2007

For Sydney

The following poem is for Sydney Danielle Lough, who was born on 3/11/07 and went Home that same day. She is the daughter of very good friends of ours, who are working together with God to heal their hearts. This is for them, and for Sydney - I look forward to meeting her someday!

For Sydney

Anticipation, sweet and scary
You made your presence known
Wondering and planning
Learning and praying

Dreams of cuddles, kisses
Skinned knees and butterflies
Chasing lightning bugs
In the summer twilight

And then, just like that,
Your Father called you
We couldn’t keep you here
You had to go Home

And what are we to do?
When will we see you again?
Who are we to be
Without you?

And now the house is quiet
No giggles or squeals
The rocking chair waits
As we all wait

As we question, God speaks
He has never left us
In His arms you wait
To joyfully meet us

And we begin to go on
Not forgetting, but loving
Bringing you with us
In our hearts
In our minds
You are part of us



Tiffany said...

Thank you, Jeni! That was really sweet!

Sandi said...

What sweet words.