Friday, November 30, 2007

Candid Camera

There are times I wish I lived with my camera strapped to my hip, ready to go. There was an incident in the kitchen this morning as we were making breakfast. It was my fault, and I'm glad the baby wasn't hurt, but it was so darn funny!

Last night we had pasta for dinner. I was shaking up the container of parmesan cheese, not realizing that the lid wasn't tightly fastened, when *poof* cheese was all over the floor. It wasn't in the middle of the walkway and I was in a hurry, so I just left it, intending to clean it up later. As I usually do when things get put off, I completely forgot about it. It blended in to the flooring, otherwise I think I would've noticed it.

This morning, we were making breakfast, and Wendy was toddling around wanting her cereal with applesauce as soon as possible. I was mixing it up at the sink when I hear a *whump* *thump* "Aaaahh?" (That's Wendy's reaction when something happens and she's not sure if she's hurt or not.) I look over to see my baby laying flat out on the kitchen floor in a cloud of parmesan cheese. She looked frightened. I scooped her up and dusted her off, cleaning the apparently slippery cheese off her little sock feet. I held my laughter in, not wanting to upset her.

An hour later, her Daddy was holding her while they brushed teeth together. He asked, "What's all this in her hair?" Then I laughed. Wendy had cheesy hair; it was all tangled up in her baby-fine blondeness, looking like little bits of dingy snow. Too funny.

Here are my blessings for this week:
1. Puffs with lotion. Whenever I have a cold, I'm extremely thankful for the tissues with lotion. Otherwise my nose starts to look like a strawberry and feel even worse.

2. Internet. However did we look anything up before the internet? I think I google some random thing a few times every day, and am rewarded with instant information. That's fantastic! And making travel plans - nothing beats it!

3. My fuzzy blanket. We got a new blanket for our bed this year, and it's great. It was from Target. It's lightweight but thick, and nicely fuzzy. Wendy even likes to rub it on her nose, like she does with the Blankie, so I call it Mommy's Blankie. It's very warm without adding a lot of weight to the covers.

4. Baby Einstein DVDs. I don't park Wendy in front of the TV for hours, but it sure is nice to buy time occasionally with Baby Einstein! Wendy loves all the puppets, and it usually holds her attention for a good 20-30 minutes. That's enough time to shower & get dressed, or to clean the kitchen without a munchkin underfoot.

5. Suave Kids' Detangling Spray. Wendy's hair is very fine, which leads to incredible static and bedhead. This spray is great. It's a very light conditioner with a yummy green apple scent, and it tames the static and the bedhead with a quick spritz and combing. I even put some in a little travel spray bottle for the diaper bag. I've used it on occasion, too.

Have a great weekend!

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jubilee said...

The detangling spray is the best ever. I use it on my daughter who loathes having her hair brushed otherwise. The scent is fun too. What a good idea to keep some in a diaper bag. I don't need one of those any longer, but I just may start carrying it my purse. Every time Cherie takes off her hat/hood she has major static. Good tip!